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Tags are embossed with your information. Up to 5 lines and 15 characters per line.
Type exactly how you want the dog tags to read in the fields provided.
2 tags and 1 chain.

Up to 5 lines and 15 characters per line (including spaces and punctuation).

We do not process requests for custom items containing profanity.

Military Format:
Line 1: Last Name , First Name, Initial (If the full name cannot be embossed on the first line, put the last name on Line 1, place the first name and middle initial on Line 2. Subsequent entries shift down one line each.)
Line 2: (Service Number) Department of Defense (DOD) ID Number (10 digits, no hyphens)
Line 3: Blood Type (Do not use plus (+) or minus (-) signs to record blood type.)
Line 4: Religious Preference (Spell out when possible)
Line 5: Blank unless Line 2 needed for First Name and Middle Initial.

% * ( ) [ ] ; ‘ “ , . /

Common Blood Type Abbreviations:
AB Negative -AB NEG
AB Positive - AB POS
A Negative - A NEG
A Positive - A POS
B Negative - B NEG
B Positive - B POS
O Negative - O NEG
O Positive - O POS

Common Religion Abbreviations:
Agnostic - AGNOSTIC
Atheist - ATHEIST
Baptist - BAPT
Buddhist - BUDDHIST
Catholic - CATH
Christian - CHRISTIAN
Episcopalian - EPISC
Holiness - HOLINESS
Jewish - JEWISH
Latter-day Saint - LDS
Lutheran - LUTH
Methodist - METH
Mormon - MORMON
Muslim - MUSLIM
Orthodox - ORTHODOX
Nazarene - NAZA
No Preference - NO PREF
Pentecostal - PENT
Presbyterian - PRES
Protestant - PROT
Roman Catholic - ROMAN CATH

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